About Lyontek

Lyontek Inc. is a fabless IC design company, established in 2003, in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan . We are dedicated in Asynchronous SRAM (Low Power SRAM & High Speed/fast SRAM) product design, development and sells in the target markets , which including:

(a) Industrial Electronics

(b) POS

(c) Consumer electronics

(d) Communication

(e) Automotive electronics

(f) Medical electronics.

Now Lyontek Inc. will launch a new serial interface 3.3V/ 1.8V,64M DDR OPI RAM, in which the static standby current is 150uA and the data bandwidth is 3.2Gbps in 200MHz Octal Bus Double Data Rate.

We also have the other serial interface SPI/QPI RAM products.

We have developed and manufactured audio amplifier products for giving customers more diverse select.

Lyontek's Vision:

Be the highly-respected technology expert in Memory IC , and Fulfill people's needs in diversified field with the best products through continual innovation.