The PSRAM can improve the issues of the conventional RAM, and has the following advantages:

1. Big Memory Size:

The 64M memory size is much larger than the other serial interface RAM in the current market.

2. Lower Cost:

Used the advanced DRAM process technology to reduce the chip size, the production cost is close to the cost of DRAM.

3. Smaller size:

The lower pin count package can provide the smaller size and the lower assembly cost than the conventional RAM.

4. Simple Interface :

No refresh cycles needed because of the emerging design technology, the interface is more simple than the conventional RAM.

     PSRAM with its key features will be the best memory choice of the embedded computer systems.

The QPI PSRAM with lower power consumption and smaller size will comply with the request of IOT and wearable device application.


Part Number Density Power Supply Data rate(Mbps) Serial I/O Isb Temprature Data Sheet Package status
LY68L6400 64M 3.3V 100 1 or 4 200uA -40~85°C
LY68S6400 64M 1.8V 143 1 or 4 200uA -40~85°C